Monday, 20 April 2020

Tips for running a successful meeting with Zoom

There is always something to learn at Rostrum. Online meetings now give us the chance to connect with members from many different areas. You can drop in on a meeting in another state. You can invite friends who would not be able to make it to your regular meeting venue.

As with any meeting you need some procedures in place to make the meeting successful.

Here are a few tips - please add any other tips you may have in the Comments section.

Members - before the meeting starts 

  1. Speakers message the chairman with your topic and time. You can do this by clicking on Chat, then select the chairperson's name from the list of recipients. This is important especially if you are going to deviate from the meeting agenda. Make it known if you are not going to do your assigned task from the agenda.
  2. Before the meeting check that your selfie has your proper name - this is the same as your name badge. Make it easy on visitors and the chairperson. Click on your selfie and select the Rename option OR click on the participants link at the bottom of the screen, find your name and click Rename. If you have a role in the meeting add that to your name - eg Chair, Coach, Timing, Secretary.
  3. Make sure that you have enough light so that you can be seen properly in your selfie. A table lamp turned on behind your monitor / laptop / ipad will make it easy for everyone to see you.
  4. Position yourself in your selfie box so that all of your face can be seen. Move your chair until you fit into the selfie box.
  5. If you are using an Ipad or phone make sure that your camera is above your eye level (you get your best angle that way) and that you have the device resting firmly so that your image will not be moving about in your selfie. People on phones can get a tripod for under $10
  6. Check your selfie to make sure that there are no distractions in the background.
  7. If you are going to give a speech where you need to stand, clear the area around your computer of clutter and check that your head and arms can be seen in your selfie.
  8. Message the chairperson with any items of general business.
  9. Say hello to each of the members as they arrive, use the chat facility to catch up with other members.
  10. Mute your microphone ready for the meeting.


  1. Check the speakers, the order of the speeches and timing required.
  2. Add any items of general business to your agenda
  3. Make sure that you lead the applause for each speaker and make an audible applause as you may be the only audible one - ensure your hands are in in view in your selfie.
  4. Don't try to use the order of the selfies if you are doing a round table for speeches. The selfies will move and change order throughout the meeting. Keep to the order in your meeting agenda.

Timekeeper - before the meeting starts

  1. If you are the timekeeper download the timing backgrounds - warning background and final background. Load these backgrounds as a virtual background. Click on the little up arrow next to the video icon at the bottom of your screen and click the small + sign to the right of the Choose Virtual Background. Load the two files that you downloaded above.  Practice changing the backgrounds so that you are ready to time the speeches.  Timing sounds distract from the speaker view because Zoom will change the display to focus on the sound. You can display the warning and final bells by changing your background at the appropriate time for each. You will need to use your phone or a timing app to watch the time.

Add both the warning bell and the final bell background ready for the meeting

 During the Meeting

  1. Keep yourself muted unless you are going to speak. This prevents any distractions to the meeting.
  2. Make sure that you applaud each speaker (even if you are muted)
Jenny Blain
Rostrum Victoria Clubs 45 and 68

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