Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Give the meeting a chance to listen to you

So you are a fast reader and you can remember loads of the information that you scan. Good on you! So you can quickly skip from one idea to another. But there's a tip for when you speak in a meeting or present information to a group. Remember that maybe other people can't.

How often have you sat in a meeting, made a suggestion and then heard someone else make the same suggestion? Everyone thinks their idea is great and you are annoyed. This happens for a raft of reasons but one possible reason is that you have not been able to take everyone along your train of thought. 

First are you making your suggestion at the right part of the meeting. Remember that meetings have a structure to make it easier for the group to know what is coming up and to be ready. Wait for the appropriate time to enter the meeting conversation and then make it clear that you wish to give a new idea or to add to the current conversation.  

Think about building the scene for an idea. Share a related fact or some background to the idea. Give people a chance to see where it fits. Give them time to see how this fits into the plan.  Ask people what they think of your idea to get some discussion on your idea before the meeting moves on.

If your idea is complex or costly you should circulate it to others prior to the meeting to discuss and get their input. This is especially the case if you want a decision to be made at the meeting.

Deliver your idea with impact. 

Try out your meeting technique at a Rostrum meeting.