Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Reflections on a year of community service

As the year comes to an end many Rostrum clubs look back over the year to review their member's progress.

One such review was Rostrum Club 27 in Morwell Victoria who celebrated 60 years of service to their community this year. A great milestone which has seen many changes in the club.

Can you match the goals achieved by the club members?

People who spoke of how they used Club 27 to kick their own goals included:

  • a woman who has moved on to be a member of the local government and is also presenting on a regional radio station 
  • local farmers who felt more confident in dealing with business 
  • members from the local power stations who have stayed with the club to mentor newcomers
  • 2 ex stutterers who give as much cheek in meetings as the other members
  • partners of long term members who finally found their way through the door and now hold executive positions in the club
  • a university lecturer who expanded her horizons

Each story reflected on the value of a safe place to practice with a supportive team. Just about sums up Rostrum right there!

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